Thanks for Catering Our Benefit

Dear James,

WOW! What a meal you provided for us. It was Delicious! And everything was presented so nicely. The meats were such a nice variety. BBQ pork & beef is always a hit. The chicken was flavored so uniquely – we loved it! The potato salad reminded me of my grandmother’s with the dill. The pasta salad had so many ingredients that were “healthy” ingredients! The coleslaw was so pretty and very good. The ham in the beans was so tasty.

Everyone agreed you do a great service. Many had heard of you already, or had tasted your meals. What a treat for everyone to not have to bring a dish.

Arlene said you wanted to donate the food – you are already donating plenty at this cut rate! We want to pay this amount. And thank you so much for your donation on top of it all!  These were the people who worked so hard to put our benefit together.

We appreciate you so much.

Van & Peggy B.