Tuscan Fire Roasted Chicken:

– Grilled chicken breast topped with tomato & fire roasted red bell pepper brochette sauce.

Baron of Beef:

– We take one of the most flavorful cuts of beef and slow roast it for 12 hours resulting in melt in your mouth tenderness.

Prime Rib:

– Low and Slow cooked whole roasts of beef prime rib.
Serves 25 people.

Turkey Breast:

– Herb Rubbed and Slow Roasted.

Chicken Saltimbocca:

– Tender chicken breast rolled with sage and prosciutto, then marinaded and baked.

* Saltimbocca is Italian for ‘leaps into the mouth’ It’s a great description: Our version hits all the right notes: slightly sweet, a touch of salt and savory all at once.

London Broil:

– Marinated and tenderized flank steak grilled to perfection then served with a mushroom and red wine demi glaze.

Apricot Stuffed Pork Loin:

– A pan seared loin filled with a sweet and tart apricot stuffing then broiled to perfection and finished with a demi glaze created while the roll was browning.

Traditional Lasagna:

– We blend our own cheese filling from five varieties to create this all time classic.

– Traditional red sauce with meat.

Santa Fe Chicken:

– Baked chicken breast topped with a fire roasted Anaheim chili (mild) and Provolone cheese.

Chicken Piccata:

– Tender chicken breasts in a delicate sauce of butter, lemon and capers. A dash of fresh parsley adds color and brightens the flavor.

Ancho Chili Roasted Pork Loin:

– Very mild Ancho peppers add a sweet and deep earthy note to this tender cut.

Poached Salmon Fillets:

– Fillets of Salmon laid over lemon slices and root vegetables poached in a white wine sauce to perfection.